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Guelph, ON veterinarians - friendly, experienced veterinarians offering a tailored approach to each individual pet. Specializing in cats, dogs, companion animals. Open 6 days a week for appointments and retail sales. Full service veterinary clinic with state of the art diagnostics on site. Located at Eastview Rd and Watson Pkwy.

Thanksgiving Day fun in Guelph!


A few of our Guelph Lake Veterinary Hospital team and their family members joined up with friends at our affiliate hospital (Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital, also in Guelph) to run some of the Thanksgiving Day races at Exhibition Park.  An annual event put on by the Guelph Victors running club, the races range from a 100 m dash for the little kids to a qualified-time 10km run.

Our group covered all the bases - little Emily put forth a good effort in the 100m. Dr Gardiner, Sarah and Julia ran the 1.6 km Nicolas Lambden Memorial Mile with Dr. Cirinna. Then Dr. Cirinna, Dr. Waldron and the amazing Gayle (she's almost 70!) ran the 5km... before Dr. Cirinna did the 3km, too, to wrap up her day!

It was a chilly, gloomy wet day, but we all had a great time and left with smiles of pride and a job well done. Perhaps a new tradition has begun.