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Guelph, ON veterinarians - friendly, experienced veterinarians offering a tailored approach to each individual pet. Specializing in cats, dogs, companion animals. Open 6 days a week for appointments and retail sales. Full service veterinary clinic with state of the art diagnostics on site. Located at Eastview Rd and Watson Pkwy.

Secret Santa Guelph (2014 Edition)


The team here at GLVH are pleased to be able to contribute to the juggernaut that is the #SecretSantaGuelph project again this holiday season.

Secret Santa Guelph is charitable project run by the unstoppable Bang Ly, an east end Guelph resident who grew up nearby in the Brant Ave neighbourhood. Knowing there was a gap in funding for the food program at Brant Ave Public School, Bang started Secret Santa Guelph a few years ago as a way to raise some funds to help expand their program.

Last year, the $3000 raised by the 75 participants allowed the food program (provided in part by the Ontario government, and by the Children's Foundation of Guelph Wellington as well as Breakfast Club of Canada) to expand to 4 days a week until the end of the school year.

This year, Bang was dreaming big. The e-bar at the Bookshelf has been reserved for the evening of December 7th, and it is expected that over 160 participants will be exchanging gifts and bringing cash contributions to the food program at Brant Ave PS. The goal was to raise enough funds to help the program continue for 5 days a week from March (when funding would have run out) until the end of June. This means that not only will kids who need it be able to have a healthy breakfast each school morning, but there will also be healthy snacks available for them during the day.

We are so thrilled that with the help of so many generous Guelphites and corporate sponsors, that $5000 goal has already been surpassed by the commitments made so far! Now, the local food pantry in the neighbourhood will also be receiving a cash boost so that parents from those lower-income families can have options available to them to help send a healthy lunch to school for their kids.

How can you get in on the action? For just a $25 donation to the program and a $15 value gift for your #SecretSantaGuelph match, you're in, and you're helping.

(Why the hashtag before #SecretSantaGuelph, you might be asking? This project is Twitter-based, and you must have a Twitter account to sign up! You can follow the other participants, and everyone will be tweeting gift ideas for themselves... and maybe some for their friends, too!)

For more information, or to sign up for one of the remaining spots, visit the Secret Santa Guelph blog.