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Guelph, ON veterinarians - friendly, experienced veterinarians offering a tailored approach to each individual pet. Specializing in cats, dogs, companion animals. Open 6 days a week for appointments and retail sales. Full service veterinary clinic with state of the art diagnostics on site. Located at Eastview Rd and Watson Pkwy.

Internet Cat Film Festival coming to Guelph!


The Just For Cats Film Festival is coming to Guelph this week! We love the idea of this fun community event and fundraiser.

Thursday June 19th, starting with a VIP cocktail reception and screening starting at 5:30pm and a second general admission screening at 9pm, cat lovers of the Guelph area will be treated to an event for anyone who has clicked that "you have to see this cat video!" link in their email.

The Bookshelf Cinema is hosting this fabulous furry feline event, featuring the best of the internet's many cat videos (Grumpy Cat and NONONONO cat to name just two!), along with some feature appearances by local kitties.

The event is a fundraiser for the Guelph Humane Society, and tickets can be purchased online, or in person at the Humane Society.